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Truck drivers are prohibited from consuming alcohol while on duty

There are many trucks on the roads in Florida. These tractor-trailers are a vital part of moving products across the state and the country and therefore are a vital part of commerce. They also provide jobs for many truck drivers. While there are many good things that these trucks do, they can also be very dangerous if driven improperly. They are much larger than most other vehicles on the roads and truck accidents can be very devastating for those involved.

How comparative fault affects a personal injury lawsuit

Sometimes, people make decisions that lead to injuries for others. This could be in a car accident, a pedestrian accident, failing to keep their property safe, companies who make defective products and in many other situations. These injuries can result in massive medical bills and lost income if the person who is injured is unable to work. Luckily, in these types of situations, the other person may be held responsible for their poor decision through a personal injury lawsuit.

Potential compensation in a wrongful death case

Accidents occur every day in Florida. They can occur in a person's home, at a store, at work, while driving a car and in many other types of situations. All types of accidents cause at the very least some sort of inconvenience, but some are much more serious than others. A person's life can be permanently changed due to accidents and, in some cases, people even die.

Special protections for children injured on property

As children in Florida grow, they gradually begin to understand and comprehend more and more. However, this is a gradual process and it can take a long time before they fully understand many of the situations they face each day. One of the situations that children tend to not fully understand is the dangers associated with certain activities. That is why parents and other adults are required to watch over children and make decisions for them.

Who is entitled to compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit?

One of the only guarantees in life is that at some point in time everyone dies. This is not a subject that is easy to talk about and even harder to deal with when loved one's pass away. It can be difficult no matter how the loved one passed. It can be a little bit easier to handle though when the loved one dies at an old age and the family had some time to prepare mentally and emotionally that it was going to happen. However, when the death happens unexpectedly it can be very difficult to handle.

Cars must yield to pedestrians crossing roads at intersections

The most popular mode of transportation in Florida may be one's own vehicle, but there are many people out walking to their destinations every day. Also, even those who do drive to their destination may still need to walk from where they parked to the place they are actually going. For the most part these pedestrians can walk on the designated sidewalks in order to stay safe from the vehicles on the road. However, people do need to cross roads which means that they must interact with the vehicles on the roads.

Who is liable for injury from a defective product?

People purchase various products in Florida every day. There are many different products and uses for the products. People expect that if they purchase a product for a particular purpose that the product will work correctly and help them complete certain projects. Unfortunately products do not always work correctly though. Sometimes the product can actually cause significant injuries to the person using it, if they do not work properly.

Property owners' liability for injuries depends on who is injured

There are many different types of property owners in Florida. Some just own a single family home, some are store owners, some are farmers, some provide entertainment, some own restaurants and there are many other types of owners. While the purpose of the land varies depending on the owner, one thing is similar though, if someone is injured on the property, they may be liable to compensate the victim through a personal injury lawsuit.

When store owners are liable for slip and fall accidents

More and more people in Florida are shopping online from the comfort of their homes. This may be the trend, but many people still go to actual physical stores every day. People need to go to grocery stores, clothing and department stores, big box stores, local markets and many other locations. When they enter into these various stores the expectation is that they will go in, buy what they would like to buy and leave.

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