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Criminal Defense
When you need justice… Better Call Chris!

Whether you need criminal defense or representation for a personal injury claim, our team, lead by Chris Crawford, will fight 24/7 to guarantee that your rights are protected. These trial results should inspire confidence.

Pensacola Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’re facing criminal charges, the consequences can include potential jail time, heavy fines, and probation, not to mention the financial, emotional, and mental strain on both you and your loved ones. A conviction for a criminal offense also comes with a life-altering societal stigma. Your ability to find a job, advance your career, and own a gun will be forever negatively impacted.

Fortunately, our criminal defense lawyers believe that every client deserves the best defense available and will work to reduce the repercussions of a criminal charge.

With Crawford Law, you’ll have a team who will fight to put your misdemeanor or felony offense behind you. Our insider knowledge of how prosecutors operate and our experience at trial defending clients — including those threatened with the death penalty — has given us unparalleled insight into highly successful defense strategies in Florida, both in and out of the courtroom. We will examine every aspect of your case to find viable defenses that will help us in planning the next steps.

Discuss your case directly with our Pensacola criminal defense lawyer by contacting Crawford Law at (850) 220-2098. Virtual consultations are available.

Aggressive & Honest Criminal Defense Representation 

Facing criminal charges is a stressful and intimidating matter. However, with Chris on your side, you can find peace of mind knowing that his experience, skill, and dedication are there to aggressively protect and defend you. At our firm, we will walk you through the legal process, answer all your questions honestly, and fight hard for you in court.

We care about the outcome of your case and the impact that our practice can have on your future. Our team believes that every defendant has the right to skilled defense counsel, and we strive to safeguard you from the stigma of a criminal conviction. No matter what you have been charged with, we take pride in defending your constitutional rights and building an effective strategy on your behalf. 

Criminal Cases We Handle

We handle all types of misdemeanor and felony charges, including but not limited to:

Why You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Finding yourself in a situation requiring the services of a criminal defense lawyer can be overwhelming. However, attempting to navigate this complex and unforgiving system alone can make the situation even worse. By finding the right criminal justice attorney, you can find reassurance in knowing that you are in capable hands and have extensive criminal justice knowledge and professional skills behind you.

The Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Knowledge of the System

Criminal justice proceedings can be incredibly complex. Without the understanding and know-how of an attorney, you may risk slipping up and causing irreparable damage to your case. Some mistakes can be easily avoided with proper representation.

Having an Attorney Present During Questioning

Although the police may look as though they are acting in your best interest, this is often not the case. Instead, they will attempt to get you to admit guilt in any way possible. A defense lawyer can help protect your rights and ensure you do not fall into any traps. 

The Cost of Being Convicted

Criminal charges can come with a host of monetary penalties. Not only will court costs and fines be applied, but each charge may also carry its own financial burdens. While many people view lawyer’s fees as costly, they are often cheaper than accepting hefty fines and other penalties.

Evidence Compilation

Evidence and witnesses are some of the most significant components in criminal proceedings. However, without the help of a criminal defense law firm on your side, entering and using evidence can be incredibly complex. Therefore, to ensure that evidence is found and that it is permissible, it is vital to enlist the services of an attorney.

Considering All Options Available

While the prosecutors may attempt to convince you that the options they present are the most beneficial, these may merely be a form of intimidation. You should not accept any deals, pleas, or agreements without first consulting an attorney. More beneficial options are often available that may not be initially apparent when you do not have extensive criminal defense experience. 

Know Your Rights

Being criminally charged does not mean you lose your rights. If your rights have been violated, it may completely change the course of your case. To ensure your rights are protected and to correct any violations, put a trusted criminal defense firm on your side. 

Time Is of the Essence

Criminal proceedings can be overwhelming, and without support, you are liable to become bogged down. This is problematic since you will need to meet many essential deadlines. To ensure you follow the correct timeline and avoid significant penalties, involve an attorney in your proceedings as soon as possible.

Taking Cases to Court

Many issues surround modern media and its impact on our lives. One of the biggest is the sensationalizing of America’s law “industry.” 

Here’s the truth: Dramatic courtroom showdowns only represent a minority of legal proceedings. Many lawyers meet with counsel of the opposition and agree.

Criminal defense lawyers can have very successful and lucrative careers that consist primarily of plea bargains negotiated out of court. However, we recommend putting someone on your side who is more effective than that.

At Crawford Law, decades of real-time courtroom experience define our practice. 

Time & Complication Define Any Trial

Courtroom proceedings require time. A lot of work is involved, and lawyers unskilled in winning trials aren’t as likely to be successful. Success requires dedication, effort, and more than a little talent.

Strong Trial Lawyers Know the Court & the Prosecution

As a strong trial lawyer, Chris Crawford provides multiple points of attack in defending clients. He utilizes a thorough case study combined with an in-depth examination of the prosecutorial powers of the “opposition.”  He makes it his business to know every possible angle, making his legal “war” totally informed with the movements of the “enemy.” 

This approach of knowing the other side and not underestimating them is vital to victory. Anything less than a careful, comprehensive approach to a legal opponent in the courtroom is litigation suicide. This is why so few attorneys put it all on the line by pursuing cases to trial.

At Crawford Law, past trial experience means knowing the time and complication involved in litigation and preparing for it. 

Trial Law Expands Legal Professionalism & Skill

Our firm lives for trials. We believe that brings something to clients that other attorneys rarely provide. Our extensive trial experience includes many legal subtleties as part of our playbook. 

The reality of America’s legal “institution” is that human beings have created it and continue to manage it. Prosecutorial attorneys have their own skills and best interests. Plenty of legal delays and obstructions can be foisted on a legitimate court proceeding. Where there is “wiggle room” or “subjectivity,” you can expect a skilled attorney to pounce on it.

However, an attorney with trial experience can sniff out such tactics and get ahead of them. Think of it like any high-level skill. A musician must play different sorts of music to become proficient. Additionally, they must work with a band and create their own compositions to fully understand their artistic work.

The musician who only does one thing will never see the fruition of total potential. An attorney who seldom if ever goes to trial will not be fully proven. This means that it is fundamental to work with someone who has trial experience when seeking optimum results.

In some scenarios, a trial is not better. However, if you want assurance of professional ability, you will want an attorney who can serve your best interests in all scenarios.

Skilled Trial Attorneys Are in Short Supply

The American Bar Association currently contends with a trial attorney shortage. The reality of our legal system has resulted in many lawyers being only a cut above clueless in a courtroom. This is like someone who has only driven a vehicle in a simulator suddenly getting behind the wheel.

The right attorney has been in “the ring” long enough to understand the reality of the courtroom. A deep advantage lies in creating a strategy and pursuing it to completion. Collaterally, new tactics are learned, and the “tricks” of prosecution can be observed in real-time. These can be anticipated and counteracted. The greater the experience, the more likelihood exists that you will see the justice you deserve.

Trial Lawyers Represent a Key Component of Modern Society

Many people face issues requiring legal remedy at some point. Mistakes occur and individuals can find themselves facing a legal system they do not fully understand. A proven trial lawyer focused on criminal defense will be able to represent you in such circumstances. 

Securing a Trial-Worthy Pensacola Criminal Defense Lawyer

Effective lawyers aren’t easy to find. Many are competent, but trial experience is increasingly rare. At Crawford Law, we have a deep understanding of trial law, professional experience, knowledge of comprehensive legal solutions, and exceptional legal skills. 

While you are entitled to a free public defender, you will only receive the close personalized attention you deserve from a private law practice. Chris will be with you throughout every step of your case, from the moment you contact us to the resolution. 

Furthermore, we don’t take easy plea agreements just to move on to the next case. We also recommend that you call us as early as possible, even before you have been charged. Early intervention during police questioning and investigation is crucial. 

The person representing should prioritize your future. They should do everything possible to protect you while building a strategy customized to your situation. At Crawford Law, we never take your trust lightly. When you put your faith in us, we are committed to going the extra mile for you and your family at these critical times. You will find smart, strong, and fearless representation at Crawford Law. 

Contact us for your consultation with our experienced Pensacola criminal defense attorney.

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