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Sexual Crimes
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Pensacola Sex Crimes Lawyer

The presumption of innocence is a basic tenet of American law and the criminal justice system. Yet, far too often, people rush to judge someone accused of a crime. Defendants can feel judged by everyone from the judicial system to their community, and even their family. They need to know that their attorney believes in them and will fight hard to protect their freedom and reputation. Our sex crimes attorney in Pensacola is here to offer the aggressive, vigorous, non-judgmental legal counsel that defendants need. 

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Types of Sex Crimes in Florida

Sex crimes cover a wide range of allegations. A defendant can be charged with sexual battery. Most sexual battery convictions come with the possibility of a 15-year prison sentence. If there are aggravating circumstances (which can include misusing a position of authority, violating someone who is disabled or under the age of 12, or committing the assault with a weapon), that sentence can be enhanced to as long as 30 years behind bars. 

The possession of child pornography is a felony and may result in charges coming from both federal and state prosecutors. Other possible crimes include statutory rape, which involves sexual activity where one of the partners is under the age of 18 and the other is not. 

Prostitution and indecent exposure can be punished as misdemeanors, but even a misdemeanor conviction can result in jail time. 

Convictions on crimes like the ones above mean the defendant will have to register a sex offender. The sex crime registry is visible to the public, and it continues even after a sentence has been served. The registry can be viewed by everyone, including potential employers and landlords. All of this can severely limit an individual's ability to rebuild their life and reintegrate into society. 

Sex Crime Defense Strategies

The accused person's guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, and the prosecution must obtain a unanimous vote of 12 jurors. Both hurdles are difficult, but a good defense attorney has a number of options available to them. 

Advancements in science can help exonerate the innocent. Every person's DNA is unique — therefore, an accused person who was not present during the alleged incident and has no DNA evidence linking them to the crime can use this as proof of their innocence. 

In some cases, an accusation of sexual assault may stem from an encounter that was, in fact, consensual. It is the prosecution's job, not the defendant's, to move past mutual accusations and provide concrete proof. Our skilled Pensacola sex crimes lawyer fights to challenge the presumptions made by the prosecutor and question whether the state of Florida's evidence is as solid as they claim.

The Legal Fighter You Need

Defendants in sex crime cases are often isolated and face severe consequences. Crawford Law knows that — it’s why we fight so hard. We investigate every case diligently, never taking the prosecution’s word for anything and working to develop our own evidence. If the District Attorney offers a plea bargain, we know whether it’s a good deal, and we know how to negotiate. Moreover, we aren’t afraid of going to trial. We can stand our ground and make a case in front of a jury. Defendants can count on us to fight for them. 

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