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Siding Partially Damaged
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Pensacola Siding Damage Attorney

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Having your siding damaged during a storm can be one of the most devastating and expensive types of damage to deal with. Siding is often considered an aesthetic feature, but it plays a much bigger role in protecting your home from the elements, pests, and debris. Storms can cause significant damage to side which can leave your home structurally weak and vulnerable to further damage. Hail, high winds, or hurricane-force conditions can all lead to serious siding damage that will ruin the look of your home, as well as potentially creating more costly problems.

Unfortunately, insurance companies often try to minimize the importance of repairing or replacing siding by calling it "cosmetic" and denying claims for what could amount to thousands of dollars in repairs. They may argue that you haven't suffered a "covered loss," which means they don't have to pay for what you need. At Crawford Law, we understand that this type of denial isn't fair, and we will fight for you to get the coverage you deserve under your policy. 

We know how important it is for homeowners to have their siding fixed quickly after a storm. Not only does this restore your home's aesthetic appearance and keep its value intact, but it also ensures that weather-related events won't cause any further damage down the road. Our experienced team has extensive knowledge in understanding how insurance companies work and what kinds of damages are typically covered under policies so we're able to help you get the compensation that reflects the extent of your loss. 

If your home has suffered any kind of damage due to storms or other weather events, contact us at (850) 220-2098 to schedule a consultation with our experienced attorneys.

What is Florida's Matching Statute?

Florida’s matching statute is a law that states that an insurance company must provide adequate payment for siding damage claims. The amount of payment provided by the insurance company must match the extent of the damage, which means they can't downplay or deny a claim. This is important, because siding repairs can be costly, and any kind of underestimation on the insurer's part could leave you paying out of pocket. 

Mismatched siding can be the result of damage caused by storms or other weather conditions that cause the siding to need repair or replacement. Unfortunately, if an insurance company provides inadequate payment to replace damaged siding, homeowners may be left with mismatching colors and styles that not only create an eyesore but could also lead to further structural issues down the road.

Issues that may arise from mismatched siding include: 

  • Poor aesthetic appearance 
  • Weak structural integrity due to incorrect installation 
  • Expensive out-of-pocket costs for proper repair or replacement work 
  • Moisture buildup due to faulty installation, leading to potential water damage 
  • Increased risk of pest infestations from cracks and gaps in the siding

How Crawford Law Can Assist You with Your Siding Damage Insurance Claims

If your home has sustained siding damage and you’re having trouble getting the proper compensation from your insurance company, don't hesitate to call Crawford Law. Our experienced attorneys can help you get the payment you deserve for necessary repairs or replacements. 

We can assist you by: 

  • Negotiating with insurance companies on your behalf 
  • Investigating your claim thoroughly to determine the extent of damage and cost of repair/replacement 
  • Assessing whether an insurer is providing fair compensation for damages sustained 
  • Representing you in court, if needed 
  • Helping protect your rights as a policyholder

Do not let insurance companies take advantage of you by providing inadequate payment for your siding damage. Contact our Pensacola siding damage attorneys at Crawford Law today to discuss your legal options. 

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