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A head-on crash leaves one dead and critically injures others

People in Florida can control a number of things while they are driving. They can control their speed, whether they check blind spots and signal lane changes, whether they stop at stop lights and other aspects of their own driving. However, even perfect drivers can still end up in car accidents because they cannot control the actions of others on the road.

Another driver may run a stop light or rear-end a vehicle which is simply stopped at a light. Sometimes they may be checking their phone or become distracted in some other way and drift into another lane or do other very unexpected things. When these types of things happen, other drivers do not have enough time to react and crashes occur.

Drowsy drivers a greater risk than speeders or red light runners?

Recent data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicate that drivers who receive insufficient sleep cause an average of 824 fatal traffic crashes each year -- about 2.5 percent of all fatal crashes. By comparison, people who run red lights cause about 708 fatalities.

An earlier 2017 NHTSA study found that drowsy drivers may be responsible for as many as 16.5 percent of all fatal traffic accidents in the U.S. That would be more than double the percentage (7 percent) caused by people exceeding the speed limit. It also indicates that far more people -- perhaps 6,000 -- die each year in crashes involving at least one drowsy driver.

Florida boaters must follow the law in order to prevent accidents

Many people own boats in Florida and like to spend time on the water. It could be for fishing, recreational activities or simply to get out, relax and spend time with friends and family. There are clearly many differences between operating boats on the water and cars on the roads, but there are some similarities and both have laws and regulations that people must follow. If a boater does not follow the rules they can receive a ticket and cause accidents just like motorists who do not obey the traffic laws.

There are many boating laws just like there are many traffic laws as well. There are laws for speed restrictions in certain areas and yielding to other boats in certain situations. There are also laws against drinking and boating. Also, just like when one is driving a car there are laws against reckless and careless boating. In addition to all of those laws there are also laws regarding floatation devices, lighting and other equipment on the boats.

Traumatic brain injury: a long road to recovery

Jyrel Daniel was a 21-year-old that was going places. Looking to follow his father’s footsteps into finance, Jyrel was enrolled into an accelerated MBA program. To help with expenses, he was working as a waiter at a local restaurant. By all accounts, he was a hard-working, bright kid. Now he’s re-learning how to use a fork.

In June of 2016, Jyrel came home for his brother’s graduation. He was a passenger in a friend’s Toyota when a speeding BMW T-boned the Toyota. All five young men that were involved in the crash were taken to area hospitals. Some had broken legs and ankles, some had broken arms and internal injuries. Jyrel had traumatic brain injuries and was given a three percent chance of survival.

Who is liable for injury from a defective product?

People purchase various products in Florida every day. There are many different products and uses for the products. People expect that if they purchase a product for a particular purpose that the product will work correctly and help them complete certain projects. Unfortunately products do not always work correctly though. Sometimes the product can actually cause significant injuries to the person using it, if they do not work properly.

In these situations the victim may be entitled to compensation, but first the victim must determine who was responsible for the defective product. It could be the design itself that is dangerous, it could be a manufacturing mistake or it could be a marketing/seller error. Depending on who is responsible, the victim will have to prove different circumstances were present in order to be successful.

Holidays bring increase in traffic accidents

Generally the holidays are a festive time in Florida when people get together with friends and family. There are many different types of parties and gatherings that people attend and generally there is alcohol at these parties. This is especially true on New Year's Eve when many more people tend to go out and ring in the new year with alcoholic beverages. It is important that people have designated drivers or a plan on how they will get home because drinking and driving is very dangerous.

Not everyone does this though, which is why New Year's Day tends to one of the most dangerous days for fatal car accidents in Florida. From 2014 - 2016, there were 34 fatal accidents, which is approximately 11 a year on New Year's Day. 30% of these fatal accidents also occur between midnight and 3:00 a.m., which is when most parties are wrapping up. It is not just New Year's Day either that is dangerous. Between Christmas and New Year's Day there is a greater percentage of accidents involving alcohol.

Who is liable if I am injured on a boat?

Floridians are blessed with beautiful weather that allows them to enjoy boating whenever they want – even during these winter months. It’s probably why Florida is the Number One boating state in the country.

As boaters are enjoying on-the-water winter adventures, it’s important to be careful to not injure themselves, as the Number One boating state also comes with a high number of accidents.

Maritime workers' common law rights after work related injury

There are many types of different jobs in Florida and each has some aspects of the job that are unique to it. The physical demands of each type of job also vary. Some types of jobs have more inherent dangers than others. These types of jobs often times require more physical demands or there are more uncertainties that a worker cannot always prepare for in advance. One of these types of jobs is maritime time jobs which require workers to be at sea for lengthy periods of time.

When some workers are injured in a maritime accident, it can especially difficult because not only do some of these workers work on the boats, they also live on them as well during a trip. They have free room and board as a part of their job and without it they not only lose income, but a place to live. Therefore, maritime workers have special compensation if they are injured at work called maintenance. This pays the worker usually between $20 and $30 a day after leaving the boat until the worker reaches maximum medical cure.

Property owners' liability for injuries depends on who is injured

There are many different types of property owners in Florida. Some just own a single family home, some are store owners, some are farmers, some provide entertainment, some own restaurants and there are many other types of owners. While the purpose of the land varies depending on the owner, one thing is similar though, if someone is injured on the property, they may be liable to compensate the victim through a personal injury lawsuit.

However, whether the property owner will be liable depends on a number of factors. The main factor is what status the injured party had at the time. When people enter others property, they are either on the property by invitation or they are trespassing. Property owners have a greater responsibility to protect people invited onto the property from dangerous conditions.

Intoxicated man charged for causing fatal accident

Many people in Florida rely on their cars every day to get where they need to go. Many need to drive to work, to the grocery store, to run errands, visit family and friends and for many other reasons. Due to this fact, there are many vehicles on the roads each day. In many situations people are also driving at fairly high speeds and with all the other vehicles on the road, it does not take much to cause a car accident. A brief lapse in judgment can lead to damage to the other vehicles and serious injuries to those involved.

Sometimes there is more than just a lapse in judgment though. In some situations the driver may be driving recklessly without thinking about the consequences. This was true for one man who was found to have THC in his system at the time when he caused a fatal accident.

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