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Some injuries from a car accident are delayed

Every time people get in their cars to drive in Florida, there is a possibility that they will be involved in a car accident. Usually, this does not happen, but it is always a possibility as many unexpected things occur while people drive and sometimes, other drivers make poor choices. Some of these accidents are minor and no one is hurt and there is only minor damage, but other times, the accidents can be severe and result in catastrophic injuries.

However, the extent of the injuries is not always immediately clear. This could be because of the adrenaline that the person had in the immediate aftermath of the accident, but the symptoms of some injuries simply do not appear until later on. The person may seem fine right away after the accident, but then a couple days later start experiencing various types of pain.

Dangerous motorists to look out for during the holidays

Many Floridians are preparing their schedules and refrigerators for Thanksgiving and Christmas. These two end of the year holidays often emphasize families traveling to different cities and states to get together for a massive celebration. Some book their flights in advance while others drive for hours in the car to save money while reaching their destination.

With thousands of people on the roads, these two holidays prove to be some of the deadliest for motorists. It is important for local residents to be aware of the various drivers in the state to look out for so they can properly enjoy their days off with their family members instead of in a hospital bed.

Which workers are covered by the Jones Act?

There are many aspects of the maritime shipping industry in Florida, and many people earn their living working in the industry. People may work on the ships themselves and stay on it as it travels across the ocean. Others may work on the docks, preparing the ships to ship goods or to repair ships to ensure they are seaworthy. No matter which part of the industry people work in though, there are dangers associated with the work, and many workers are injured while on the job.

Hours of service requirements for truck drivers

There are many rules that drivers must follow on the Florida roads. These rules are in place to help ensure that all drivers are safe while driving their vehicles. In addition to following the rules of the road, it is also important that they are not distracted while driving. This is especially true for truck drivers. Trucks can cause severe damage to other vehicles when in accidents and can seriously injure the other people involved in the truck accidents due to the size difference between trucks and the other vehicles on the road.

Due to this fact, the rules for truck drivers are much more stringent than those for the other drivers on the roads. One of these rules is that truck drivers are limited in how many hours they can drive in a day as well as in a week to help ensure they are not too tired when driving.

Student seriously injured in car crash moved to Florida

There are very few guarantees in life, and even things that people do every day without any issues, can go wrong at any time. One of these activities is driving a car. The majority of the time people get in their cars, they get to where they need to go safely. However, anytime people get behind the wheel and travel on the roads, they could be hit by another vehicle. This can happen even when the person is driving safely because people cannot control the other drivers on the road.

Sadly, this is what occurred to a college student from Florida who was going to school in North Carolina. The student was struck by another driver who crossed the center line. The student had been in a North Carolina hospital since August 30, but was recently stable enough to transfer to a hospital in Pensacola near his home.

The importance of boating insurance in Florida

People in Florida are required to have car insurance in order to legally drive their vehicles on the roads. This is to ensure that people who are injured or have damage to their vehicles as a result of an accident receive the compensation they need to be made whole. People are not required to have boat insurance though. However, there are many boating accidents every year and many people are injured or boats are damaged as a result.

Preparing your boat for night time

While most in the country are putting away their paddles and engines for the fall, Florida has the benefit of being warm year-round for boaters to enjoy the seas whenever they want. However, Florida does share one key trait with the other states during autumn: the lack of sunlight.

Those evening cruises you love to take will have to be earlier if you want to avoid boating at night time. While Florida does not forbid residents for sailing in the late evening, they do require their vessels to have emergency equipment on board. If you plan on going stargazing in the middle of the water, you should have knowledge of these safety regulations.

What is the statute of limitations for defective product claims?

There are many different types of products sold and used by people living in Florida. These products serve many different purposes. Some are fairly simple and do not involve many pieces or mechanical parts. However, others can be very complicated and involve mechanical parts, electrical parts and even chemical parts. When all the parts work correctly the product can be very useful for its purpose.

However, if all these parts do not work properly they can not only not serve their function, but defective products can also cause serious injuries to the people using them. This can put the victims of these accidents in a very difficult position. Not only will they need to heal from their physical injuries, which may take a long period of time, but also deal with the financial consequences. They may have high medical bills after surgeries and rehabilitation. They also may lose income if they are unable to work.

What should one do after being in a car accident?

There are many things that occur throughout one's day in Florida. Some of these things are expected and some are unexpected. Sometimes these unexpected things can be good, but others can really cause problems for people. It could be as simple as being late because there was unexpected traffic on the way to work. However, others can really cause significant problems in one's life for a long-period of time. One of these unexpected things is suffering injuries in a car accident.

Everyone who drives knows there is a possibility that they could be in an accident, but it is not something that people plan on when they set out to drive. However, it is good to know what one should do if they are in one. First is to check for injuries and depending on the severity of the injury, one should remain still until medical personnel arrive. Then check whether any passengers are injured. If one is able to move, try to get to a safe location away from the road.

Statute of limitations for filing a claim under the Jones Act

There are many different types of workplace injuries every year in Florida. These injuries can also occur in many different types of professions both on land and on the water. Most workers are entitled to some form of compensation if they are injured on the job, but where the compensation comes from depends on where the person was working. Most people working on the land may be eligible for workers' compensation benefits, but if they are working on the water they may need to seek compensation through the Jones Act.

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