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motor vehicle accidents Archives

Speeding contributes to many car accidents

There are many different traffic regulations in Florida. Many of these regulations are violated every day. These could include failing to signal a turn, not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, failing to yield, speeding and others. Speeding in particular is something some drivers do almost every time they drive. There are many reasons why people speed. This could be that they are late for something, are frustrated in traffic or simply because they like to drive fast. However, no matter what the reason is for speeding, it can be dangerous and leads to many car accidents.

Coping with the aftermath of traumatic brain injury

When people in Florida get in their vehicles to go places, they generally think that they will get to where they are going. They may be anxious about getting to their destination on time, but they generally are not thinking about the fact that they could end up in a car accident. Most people are aware that there is a chance that it could happen, but they do not prepare for it. Unfortunately, car accidents do occur every day and people's lives can be changed dramatically.

Woman and child airlifted to hospital after vehicle rear-ended

Even drivers who follow every single traffic law could still end up in a car accident because other drivers on the road are not following them or not paying attention to the road. These safe drivers could end up with very significant injuries and their lives may be changed forever.

Car accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries

People need to take responsibility for their actions when they drive motor vehicles, even though driving has become second nature to many people. Even quick lapses in judgment or concentration, much less the egregious risks that some drivers take on the roads, can lead to motor vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, people do not think about the injuries they can cause when they take these risks.

Basics of car insurance in Florida

Due to the high volume of cars on the roads in Florida each day and the problems associated with human error, there are many car accidents each year. Sometimes the accidents are caused by the conditions on the road, but most are due to the fact that one driver became distracted or violated a traffic regulation and was not able to react properly to a particular situation. Unfortunately, these mistakes also cause significant injuries and property damage to the victims of the accident.

New statistics show increase in drugged driving crashes

There are many reasons that people decide to consume alcohol, but no matter what the reason is, if they become intoxicated it affects their judgment. That is why it is so important that people do not get behind the wheel and drive when they are intoxicated. People generally know this and also know it is illegal, but people still do it on a routine basis. Many people may get away with it and make it home safely, but many others cause car accidents which can have an effect on many different lives.

A head-on crash leaves one dead and critically injures others

People in Florida can control a number of things while they are driving. They can control their speed, whether they check blind spots and signal lane changes, whether they stop at stop lights and other aspects of their own driving. However, even perfect drivers can still end up in car accidents because they cannot control the actions of others on the road.

Holidays bring increase in traffic accidents

Generally the holidays are a festive time in Florida when people get together with friends and family. There are many different types of parties and gatherings that people attend and generally there is alcohol at these parties. This is especially true on New Year's Eve when many more people tend to go out and ring in the new year with alcoholic beverages. It is important that people have designated drivers or a plan on how they will get home because drinking and driving is very dangerous.

Intoxicated man charged for causing fatal accident

Many people in Florida rely on their cars every day to get where they need to go. Many need to drive to work, to the grocery store, to run errands, visit family and friends and for many other reasons. Due to this fact, there are many vehicles on the roads each day. In many situations people are also driving at fairly high speeds and with all the other vehicles on the road, it does not take much to cause a car accident. A brief lapse in judgment can lead to damage to the other vehicles and serious injuries to those involved.

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