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maritime accidents Archives

Most common types of accidents for maritime workers

Any type of manual labor job in Florida can lead to injuries for the workers. Besides the physical requirements, there are also usually heavy machines or equipment used, which can lead to serious injuries if they are not working right or used incorrectly. However, workers on ships and oil rigs have additional dangers associated with their jobs that are unique to working on them. These maritime accidents can leave the workers in difficult positions as they recover from their injuries.

National Safe Boating Week highlights safe boating practices

As the number of boats on the water in Florida increases, so does the potential for boating accidents. People are usually out on boats in order to have a good time with family and friends. Therefore, there are many instances when safety is probably not on the forefront of their minds. These lapses in judgment can lead to boat accidents and serious injuries for those involved.

Determining liability when someone is injured on a cruise ship

Many people come to Florida each year to board cruise ships. These can be very fun and exciting vacations for people as they travel around the Caribbean and other areas. When people are on these ships, their focus tends to be on relaxing and having fun, not on the potential maritime accidents that can occur while on the cruise ship. However, accidents do occur and passengers are injured as a result.

There are many boating accidents in Florida each year

In order to ensure everyone's safety, it is important that boaters obey the rules and watch out for the other boats on the water. But, as people are aware, not every boater does this and as a result there are boating accidents. Unfortunately, many people are injured in these boating accidents as well.

What can an injured maritime worker receive under the Jones Act?

There are many different types of jobs that people have in Florida. Some of these jobs are on the land, but many people also have jobs at sea or work on the docks as part of the industry. However, it does not matter what type of jobs people have or where those jobs are located, it is important that all workers remain healthy so they can continue to work. Without work most people will not have an income and will be unable to provide for themselves and their families.

Laws for drinking while boating in Florida

There are many reasons that people go on boats in Florida, but one is to get together with friends to fish or simply just have a good time together. Especially as the weather gets warmer, many people will be out on the water and some will enjoy some alcoholic beverages while they are on the boats. It is important that the drivers of the boats enjoy in moderation though. While boating is different than driving, operating a boat under the influence is still dangerous.

Protecting people who are injured at sea

One of the great things about Florida and why people love living in the state, as well as visiting it as tourists, is the proximity to the ocean and Gulf of Mexico. The water provides people with both entertainment and recreational activities, as well as providing large numbers of people with jobs and careers. So, at any given time, there are many people on the water and it is important that they obey the rules and pay attention to what they are doing. When people act negligently they can cause accidents and people are injured as a result.

County officials seek boat speed restrictions in multiple areas

There are many people who enjoy the water around Florida. There are also many people who work on boats or on the docks and other areas around the water. Between the people boating for pleasure and those working on and around the water, there are many people on the water every day. While boating is different than driving a car and there tends to be more space on the water than there are on the roads, boating can still be dangerous when people do not operate their boats correctly.

Florida boaters must follow the law in order to prevent accidents

Many people own boats in Florida and like to spend time on the water. It could be for fishing, recreational activities or simply to get out, relax and spend time with friends and family. There are clearly many differences between operating boats on the water and cars on the roads, but there are some similarities and both have laws and regulations that people must follow. If a boater does not follow the rules they can receive a ticket and cause accidents just like motorists who do not obey the traffic laws.

Maritime workers' common law rights after work related injury

There are many types of different jobs in Florida and each has some aspects of the job that are unique to it. The physical demands of each type of job also vary. Some types of jobs have more inherent dangers than others. These types of jobs often times require more physical demands or there are more uncertainties that a worker cannot always prepare for in advance. One of these types of jobs is maritime time jobs which require workers to be at sea for lengthy periods of time.

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