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Accident Lawyers in Pensacola, Florida: What to Ask


From Key West to Pensacola, Florida boasts a vast 1197-mile coastline, multiple national and state parks, lakes, theme parks and countless other attractions worth checking out. No matter where you are headed, whether for pleasure or business, you’ll likely need an automobile to get there. Unfortunately, like any other part of the world, car accidents are also a fact of life here in Florida. If you have suffered this regrettable fate, you need to be informed about the related insurance laws, the settlement timeline and claims process in Florida. More importantly, you should know where to find the best accident lawyers in Pensacola, Florida, if need be.

Typically, being a victim of a car accident can be quite overwhelming. If you have incurred any injuries, perhaps owing to the negligence of another individual, you will be facing numerous vital decisions on how to proceed.

First Things, First: Your Health

Calling for accident lawyers in Pensacola, Florida, should be as easy as calling Crawford Law.Undeniably, the first action is to stabilize your own health. Soon after, one should consider whether to hire an accident lawyer. Why? For a better interpretation of the law and how it might apply to the incident in which you were a victim.

For instance, arguably the most prominent Florida car accident consideration is that this state is a distinct no-fault insurance state. Essentially, an accident victim needs to make an attempt for compensation from their personal vehicle insurance before endeavoring to get compensation from other involved parties. 

This regulation is applicable regardless of the which party is responsible for the accident. So, who do you consult for interpretation of such rules in the event of an accident? An accident advocate, right?

If you are contemplating hiring an accident attorney, you might notice that Florida has a crowded roster of willing representatives. With such an abundance of accident lawyers to choose from, it might be challenging to decide whom to hire.

Luckily, through the guidance contained in this excerpt, you can get a good idea of how to make the right pick. Here, you will find direct and revealing questions that could effectively help you identify the ideal fit for you and your injury case.

Finding the Right Accident Lawyers in Pensacola Florida

Getting the right attorney to take your case is usually the most crucial step in a successful recovery. Generally, insurance firms boast the financial resources required to hire professional lawyers who are experts in defending various personal injury claims. As such, having a skilled and experienced lawyer will play a significant part in determining how much compensation you receive.

Take time to interview the accident lawyers in Pensacola. Florida has many attorneys, but only a few will regularly go to trial for you.

Like with most other crucial decisions, getting the right lawyer also necessitates thorough research on the various available lawyers within your area. Once you decide to set up a meeting with a lawyer to discuss the details of your case, you must ask the proper questions to identify if the attorney is qualified for your case.

The main objective of this excerpt is to afford you with the insights that many injury victims overlook when vetting their injury representatives. These few questions and tips might well be the difference between a winning case and going back empty-handed or with relatively less than you deserve. 

Here is a list of essential questions you might want to ask an accident attorney before hiring one for your case:

Top 6 Questions to Ask Accident Lawyers in Pensacola Florida

  1. What Is Your Experience? How Long Have You Been Handling Personal Injury Cases?

Typically, most accident lawyers will charge their victims almost the same “contingency fee,” regardless of how long they have been in the profession. If a lawyer who has been in practice for just a few years is going to demand the same charges as a lawyer who has been practicing for decades, why not select the more experienced option?  In truth, a lawyer’s experience can play a vital role in the eventual outcome of your case.

  1. Have You Previously Tried Any Personal Injury Cases Similar to Mine in Front of a Jury?

While most non-attorneys believe that every accident lawyer goes to court or tries cases regularly, the fact is, for most attorneys this only happens a fraction of the time. A substantial number of representatives who present themselves as “accident lawyers” and “trial lawyers” unfortunately can claim “little or no” experience with jury trials.

Therefore, never assume that every accident attorney has handled a similar case before yours. Always inquire of every potential lawyer his or her experience as well as results. Why? The answer is plain: You absolutely need a trial attorney if you are seeking substantial damages. If you hire one who does not know every detail of the courtroom process, you might as well just plan on settling out of court.

For instance, if you got injured in a typical slip and fall type of accident, you might want to avoid hiring a lawyer whose only experience is on car accident cases. In the same line of thinking, if you want your case to go to court, you want to avoid a lawyer who never actually tries cases before a judge and jury. The reality is, most accident attorneys fall into this basket, and the cost to the victim in potentially lost awards can be substantial.

This is truly important because when insurance firms are evaluating their risks, they gather this information and rely on it. The only way you can receive substantial compensation is if the insurance firm faces a confident, seasoned lawyer who has a reputation for trying cases in courts.

Alternatively, if you choose a lawyer who is known for settling and avoiding court trials, you might as well sit and accept receiving a discount on your otherwise “valuable” case.

  1. Exactly How Long Does It Take for a Case Like Mine to Get Resolved?

Another vital question you should ask your accident attorney before hiring their services is how long a case like yours takes to resolve. Naturally, numerous factors outside of your own can have an impact on the duration it takes to resolve any case. Nonetheless, a seasoned expert lawyer who has handled such a case before should be in an excellent position to provide you with a rough duration estimate.

Should you expect your attorney will try to resolve your case in the shortest possible time? Yes, but it also depends on the situation. A seasoned trial attorney will know what timing works best, which judge may be more favorable to your case, how a jury change may alter an outcome. If you are working with a courtroom pro, you should expect the strategy to guide the timing and duration of a case. If you hire a “settlement generator,” you can be assured it will end fast, and with less money in your pocket.

  1. Cost: What Are Your Legal Fees?

Contingency fees are a portion of a settlement you receive, and used to pay the accident attorney.Most accident lawyers in Pensacola, Florida offer their services on a distinct contingency fee basis. Typically, you only pay a fee if your lawsuit yields monetary damages. In the event you are awarded monetary damages, your accident advocate will get a percentage of the total reward. This is usually between 25% and 40%.

You need to understand what qualifies your attorney to represent you at this important time. Although a lawyer might ask for only 25% in contingency fees, does this mean they are experienced to handle your lawsuit? Do your research! Ask for a list of recent trials they have worked on and the outcomes. This may be a little uncomfortable, but the one who gladly turns over a list of jury trials with multiple cases in a month should get your attention.

  1. What Is My Case Worth?

Naturally, an experienced accident lawyer ought to have a sense of the approximate value of your case.  Your legal counsel should at least be able to offer you a range. Also, he should be able to clarify how several factors like liability, discovery, and preexisting health conditions may influence the offer of a verdict or settlement offer.

Do a thorough investigation and discern an advocate’s claims wisely. Watch out for advocates who come up with unrealistic estimates. On the other side of the coin, it is vital that you are honest with your accident attorney. Provide clear details of the injuries you have suffered, the limitations you experience, and their frequency and cost imposed on your life. Be accurate and do not inflate or ignore anything that has changed in your life.

  1. In Case I Lose, Who Is Accountable for Any Case-Related Expenses?

Finally, depending on the law firm, some accident advocates charge you for case-related costs in addition to asking for a contingency fee. Before hiring a lawyer, ensure that you have clarified who is accountable for such expenses, especially if the lawsuit is not successful.

Hiring Car Accident Lawyers in Pensacola Florida

In the event you suffer from injuries in a car accident, who you pick to represent your lawsuit is a critical decision. Therefore, you need to apply critical thinking before choosing your lawyer. But with such a deep roster of law firms advertised around Pensacola, who can you put your faith in to professionally handle your lawsuit? Who can you trust to deliver full compensation?

If you are searching for accident lawyers in Pensacola, Florida, add one name to your list of who to call: Crawford Law. Experts in personal injury, unlawful death accidents, not to mention high-profile defense cases. We have approachable yet aggressive trial lawyers at your service. We are reputed for our absolute fearlessness in representation before a judge and jury. Our list of courtroom trials is unrivaled, and we personally invest in our clients’ lives by serving them with dedication, experience, passion, and courage. Crawford Law can guarantee you the support and guidance necessary during this trying period of life. Get in touch with us now at (850) 220-2098 and let us build your case.

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