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Some Injuries From a Car Accident are Delayed


On behalf of Law Office of Chris Crawford posted in motor vehicle accidents on Thursday, November 8, 2018.

Every time people get in their cars to drive in Florida, there is a possibility that they will be involved in a car accident. Usually, this does not happen, but it is always a possibility. Many unexpected things occur while people drive and sometimes, other drivers make poor choices. Some of these accidents are minor and no one is hurt. Sometimes there is only minor damage. Other times, there are injuries from a car accident. These can be minor or severe, with catastrophic results.

Some injuries From a Car Accident do not appear until well after the incident. Call an injury attorney.

However, the extent of injuries from a car accident are not always immediately clear. This could be because of the adrenaline that the person had in the immediate aftermath of the accident. In these cases, the symptoms of injuries simply do not appear until later on. The person may seem fine right after the accident, but a couple days later may experience various types of pain.

Types of Injuries from a Car Accident

Some of these types of injuries are headaches. They could be due to a variety of different issues stemming from the accident. People may also begin experiencing neck or shoulder pain. These pains can be a symptom of whiplash. They may also have back pain or numbness, which could be from whiplash, or possibly a herniated disk or pinched nerve. People could also experience abdominal pain that could be a sign of very serious problems. There are also non-physical issues that could arise such as anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder.

There are many people who are involved in a car accident in Florida. People who suffer injuries from a car accident may be entitled to compensation for the cost of care or consequence of the injuries. So, it is important to know the full extent of the injuries before reaching any settlement with an insurance company. Some car accident injuries are delayed and it is important that people are compensated for those as well. Working with an insurance company after an accident is not always easy and consulting with an experienced attorney may be useful.

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