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The Jones Act: Maritime Worker Injury Law


There are many aspects of the maritime shipping industry in Florida, and many people earn their living working in the industry. People may work on the ships themselves and stay on it as it travels across the ocean. Others may work on the docks, preparing the ships to ship goods or to repair ships to ensure they are seaworthy. No matter which part of the industry people work in though, there are dangers associated with the work, and maritime worker injury is a real threat while on the job.

Maritime worker injury rates are a big concern in the shipping business.

Injured maritime workers may be able to receive compensation for the damages they suffer as a result of maritime accidents. However, different workers are covered by different laws depending on what they do within the industry. One of these laws is the Jones Act.

To be covered by that law the worker must meet certain criteria. This law covers employees who spend at least 30 percent of their time on operational ships, which are in navigation. This means a ship that is capable of moving and on navigable waters. So, even boats that are tied to docks are covered.

Injury Outcomes: Bills Need to Be Paid

The benefits provided to victims of maritime worker injury through the Jones Act can be very valuable. Sometimes, the injuries people suffer can be devastating, and the injured worker may be forced to miss work and incur significant medical bills as well. On top of this, many of the workers that are on navigable waters would not be covered by traditional workers’ compensation laws since the injuries may occur in areas of the sea where there is no jurisdiction.

There are many different ways that a maritime worker injury in Florida can take place while on ships. Not every one of the injuries will result in major problems, but some do, and they can leave the victim in a difficult position, both physically and financially. They may be entitled to compensation though, which can pay for lost income and medical bills resulting from the injuries. An experienced attorney will understand how devastating these injuries can be and may be able to protect one’s rights.

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