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A Pensacola Car Accident Lawyer You Can Truly Count On


At Crawford Law, you will find reliable trial lawyers with a record for successful verdicts in Florida. We derive satisfaction by preparing to fight battles on your behalf. Unlike the average Pensacola car accident lawyer, we handle the most complex car accident cases. We take on the largest insurance firms, corporations, and even the state to get Floridians the justice they deserve.

Your Case is in Experienced Hands

Chris Crawford is a Pensacola Car Accident Lawyer who is not afraid to go to trial.

Crawford law is a team of trial attorneys with a solid reputation for winning in court. While other car accident attorneys routinely leave untold amounts on the table, we don’t settle for the earliest exit. The unfortunate fact is, many lawyers are simply afraid to go to trial. That just is not our style. We will hold out and explore every legal avenue to get you the right level of justice you should receive.

We have the courtroom experience and the resources to take up your case and win. What resources actually make a difference? It certainly takes a high level of courtroom familiarity to be a successful trial lawyer. We know the judges, the defenders, the meaning behind the subtle reactions on a juror’s face. More than that, we are not afraid to engage and compete at that level. It takes tenacity, preparedness and frankly, bravery. This is at the core of what sets us apart in car accident law in Florida.

When the Unforeseen Happens, You Want Someone You Can Trust to Handle Your Claim

After a car accident, it makes a huge difference in having the best legal representation. A just and generous compensation settlement could very likely offset your medical bills and take care of other financial stresses stemming from the accident. Keep in mind that the costs for medical care alone can be mind-boggling. Further, one’s entire quality of life can be altered forever. So most importantly, with a seasoned car accident lawyer, Pensacola victims can find peace in knowing that they will be well-taken care of.

At Crawford Law, we represent all types of car accident victims. We are a law firm focused on client satisfaction. We listen, we investigate and prove your damages beyond any doubt. Our aggressive negotiation will get you the highest settlement figure because our reputation is well known. Defense attorneys know we will take the case to court and get them to pay even more. 

The High Rate of Car Accidents in Florida Means You Need a Lawyer on Speed-Dial

Hire the best auto accident injury attorney in Pensacola, Chris Crawford.

Data by the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles shows that 402,592 car crashes occurred in the state in 2018 alone. These accidents caused 254,873 injuries and 2958 deaths. The risk of accidents in the state of Florida is high, as these statistics show. It is only fair that you would want just compensation from the responsible negligent party.

The first and most important action one should take after a car accident is to seek medical attention. Your physical health is the top priority. However, as soon as you can, contact a highly skilled car accident lawyer; Pensacola is home to the best at Crawford Law. We are masters in the complexities of car accident claims. We can help your family move forward.

A Car Accident Lawyer in Pensacola Who Will Walk With You Every Step of the Way

We will be dealing with insurance adjusters, investigating the crash, preparing for settlement or trial. We will ensure that justice is within your reach. Our objective is to make sure the settlement or court ruled compensation (also known as damages) will be sufficient to cover:

  • Your medical expenses
  • Your treatment costs and continued care expenses
  • Wages you missed due to the accident and future earnings you might lose because of the injuries
  • Your mental anguish and psychological suffering

Some Common Questions

  1. What are the most frequent causes of car accidents in Florida?

Drunken driving is often a cause for car accidents.The causes of car accidents range from drunk driving to distracted or reckless driving. The injured parties could be drivers, pedestrians, or passengers. Talk to Crawford Law if you have been injured in a car accident to claim your legal rights.

Distracted driving: Texting and phone calls are the biggest distractions for drivers. The disturbance could also be any activity that takes the driver’s eyes from the road. If you are the victim here, our work will be getting the other party’s insurance to pay.

Drunk driving: More than 10,000 Americans lose their lives yearly due to drunk driving. The best car accident lawyer Pensacola has for drunk driving victims is Chris Crawford. He will ensure you get the right settlement even when the negligent party has a swarm of attorneys on their side.

Aggressive driving: Parts of Florida are known for their traffic snarl-ups. Unfortunately, some drivers let their frustrations drive them into aggressive behaviors on the road, such as tailgating and using breakdown lanes. If you suffer injuries from such hazardous drivers, Crawford Law will see that they pay for their reckless actions.

Breaking traffic laws: Ignoring Florida traffic codes and safety regulations can and do cause accidents. These result from running red lights, speeding, and ignoring the right of way regulations. These actions can often result in grievous injuries. Our most significant task here is proving that you are not at fault for the accident.

Defective car parts: Car accidents can be a result of faulty auto parts, including brakes, airbags, and steering systems. In this case, you are taking the fight to big corporations, and only an experienced lawyer with a proven track record of winning in court can be helpful. That profile describes us clearly.

  1. Do I need to hire a Pensacola car accident lawyer for my auto accident case in Florida?

Don’t hesitate to call a car accident lawyer. Pensacola may have many attorneys, but the reality is there is only one true trial lawyer that can prove his experience in the courtroom. Chris Crawford is that lawyer. After a crash, you are not obligated to hire a lawyer, but having one by your side will improve your odds of getting the maximum amount of damages owed. At Crawford Law, these are the ways we assist our car accident clients:

Investigation: Unless you can prove that the other party was negligent, you cannot get any compensation. We, therefore, collect evidence and investigate the matter to determine incidences of negligence and fault to aid in the case. We speak to witnesses, review police reports, and review traffic cameras.

Filing the claim: You may not know against whom to file the complaint, but we will help you. It could be the manufacturer, the state, or individuals that we go against. We will present the claim to the right party on time.

Proving damages: We can help to prove the physical, financial and emotional damages caused by the accident.

Settlement negotiations: We are strong negotiators that are never intimidated or hoaxed. We will see that you get the best result that addresses the full costs of the damaged suffered.

Court trials: If the at-fault party is not willing to settle in good faith, we will move to court and present your case before a jury and ensure that you get the deserved compensation.

  1. What do I look for in a car accident attorney?

Not every lawyer that has passed the bar is rightly qualified to handle your car accident case. It would help if you had a lawyer that spends 90 % of their time in this specialty. Jacks of all trades, as you well know, are masters of none.

At Crawford Law, we are trial attorneys with many years of experience in car accident cases. We have tried many auto accident cases in front of a jury and won. Our expertise in the field also stems from continued education in the area. We can maximize the damages on your behalf to help you bounce back in life.

  1. What are the legal fees for car accident cases in Florida?

Most car accident lawyers in Pensacola, Florida work on a contingency payment plan. That means that you only pay after the successful resolution of the claim. You can, therefore, always expect a better settlement when you work with the rightly qualified lawyers.

  1. How long does a car accident case take to get resolved?

A trial is the last thing most other accident attorneys want to be involved with.You would want to know the duration of the legal proceeding before hiring an attorney. Several factors often come into play, such as the length of settlement negotiations, finding evidence and witnesses, among others.

At Crawford Law, we are in business because of our desire to help victims of these cases. You can expect a speedy resolution that is in our mutual interest. We are courtroom pros that know which judges could be favorable and the intricacies of jury selection. Your case will end as quickly as possible while maintaining the goal of a maximum settlement.

If you need an expert car accident lawyer, Pensacola knows Chris Crawford. Crawford Law can do the heavy lifting, working diligently for you to ease the troubles for you and your family. Experience the difference of working with seasoned attorneys that care. Contact us for a free consultation.

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