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Pensacola Criminal Defense Attorney

Been Arrested? Better Call Chris at 850-483-1190

The phone book is full of defense lawyers in the Pensacola area. They are mostly sensible people who want to plead you down to a lesser offense and go on to the next case. It's great for them, but it's not so great for you. They all say they're "aggressive." But their actions suggest otherwise.

DUI Defense And More

Our firm is different. Rather than back away from the risk of a trial, we stand our ground. When the chips are down and your back is to the wall, we set out to win. Our website domain says it all: BetterCallChris.net.

"I believe in fairness and justice. And I know you need a good attorney to get good results."
Attorney Chris Crawford

Usually, when an attorney says he has experience, he means years practiced instead of number of trials. Chris Crawford has a wealth of experience, highlighted by a possible Florida record for trying 10 capital cases in 13 weeks. He has been described as "passionate" and "indefatigable."

We Defend Against All Criminal Charges

  • We defend against serious, violent crimes: murder, manslaughter, sexual assault, domestic violence.
  • We defend against white collar and federal crimes: credit card fraud, RICO violations, racketeering, embezzlement, child pornography.
  • We defend against serious property crimes: theft, robbery, burglary, fraud, carjacking, breaking and entering.
  • We defend against serious drug offenses: possession, cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, trafficking.
  • We defend against DUI/DWI and other serious traffic offenses.

Escambia County Criminal Law And Personal Injury Attorney

Also, we take on personal injury cases, applying the same zeal and energy to righting wrongs done to you — car accidents, premises liability, wrongful death — that we apply to defending your civil rights.

Great Lawyers Come In Two Shapes

Chris Crawford says there are two kinds of good lawyers. One kind is personable and persuasive and thinks, "Let's go to trial and get the jury to like me more than the other guy." The other kind is skilled at doing research, cracking the books and winning cases on the facts.

"I'm not saying I'm the best of either kind," says Chris Crawford. "But I'm a better combination of these two traits than most."

Do you need a lawyer who will actually defend you? Call Pensacola criminal defense lawyer Chris Crawford at 850-483-1190 or describe your problem to us using this email form.


Chris Crawford


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