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Serious injuries from a car accident may be delayed

Florida has continued to be one of the top states for motor vehicle accidents. In 2016, there were a total of 395,785 total car crashes in the state of Florida that resulted in 254,155 injuries.

However, when it comes to injuries from a car accident, some of the most serious injuries may not be immediately noticeable. Whether it is adrenaline masking the pain or an internal injury that takes extra time to manifest, you may not realize a potential life-threatening injury until hours or days after an accident.

It is recommended that whenever you are in a car accident, a doctor should see you. When a doctor evaluates you, they may be able to find a potentially harmful injury you didn’t recognize at first. Here are some injuries that can occur from a car accident that may take time to be revealed.


You do not have to experience a blow to the head to suffer a concussion. A concussion can happen with a sudden momentum change that violently shifts your neck and causes your brain to bump into your skull. Concussions do not always cause the victim to pass out, so you may be conscious after a concussion. You may have a concussion if you are dizzy, confused, light sensitive, have trouble sleeping or experience mood swings. Undiagnosed concussions can lead to further trouble down the road.


Whiplash can also be caused by a sudden forward and backwards motion of your head and neck. A whiplash commonly happens when one car rear-ends another car. The symptoms of a whiplash can be very similar to a concussion, except the injury is to the neck and not the head. Whiplash affects the muscles, nerves and joints that get extended beyond their normal positions.

Soft tissue

Injuries to your ligaments, muscles or tendons are considered soft tissue injuries. A whiplash is also a soft tissue injury, but it stands on its own because of how common it is. However, many places on the body besides the neck can be strained, sprained or suffer a deep contusion that can lead to additional medical problems.

Internal bleeding

You can suffer internal bleeding as a result of a blunt force that impacts your body. The bleeding may be slow and can take a while to progress. A strong hit to the body can cause a rupture to blood vessels, bleeding near the heart or lungs, or a rupture to abdominal organs such as your spleen or liver.

Psychological Trauma

A condition that is widely associated with delayed trauma is post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD is recognized as a legitimate disorder within the medical community and can easily be linked to a car accident.

If you are ever in a car accident, it is important to immediately seek the medical assessment of a doctor to make sure lingering injuries will not progress into something serious. You may want to do a follow-up visit with your doctor up to three months after an accident.

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