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Benefits from the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act

Florida offers many different jobs in the maritime industry. The state is pretty much surrounded by water and many goods and people are transported on the water. There are also offshore oil rigs in the waters off the coast of Florida which offer many more jobs. These workers, like any other worker in Florida, rely on their jobs to provide for their and their families' needs. If they are unable to work, it could make meeting their monthly obligations very difficult.

However, sometimes these workers are injured in maritime accidents on the ships, docks, wharfs and other areas associated with the industry. These workers may require significant medical treatment as a result and miss time at work and therefore lose income as well. Most workers in Florida who are injured at work are entitled to state workers' compensation benefits to pay for these expenses, but maritime workers are protected under the Longshore and Harbor Worker's Compensation Act, which is a federal law as opposed to a state law.

This law covers longshore workers, harbor construction workers, individuals who both build and repair ships and other maritime workers. In order to be eligible, though, the workers must be working either on the water or on the docks, wharfs and other adjoining areas to the water where those types of jobs take place. This law does not cover workers while at sea, but those workers are covered by the Jones Act. This law provides compensation to workers who are injured while performing their jobs, which can pay for the medical costs and lost income as well.

Any time people are injured in Florida it can create a difficult situation for them both physically and financially. However, if maritime workers are injured in the course of their employment they may be entitled to benefits to help ease the financial burdens. The compensation will not heal the injuries, but they can at least ensure that the victim can focus just on getting better and not the financial difficulties. Experienced attorneys know this compensation is very important and might be able to ensure one receives it.

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