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Truck drivers are prohibited from consuming alcohol while on duty

There are many trucks on the roads in Florida. These tractor-trailers are a vital part of moving products across the state and the country and therefore are a vital part of commerce. They also provide jobs for many truck drivers. While there are many good things that these trucks do, they can also be very dangerous if driven improperly. They are much larger than most other vehicles on the roads and truck accidents can be very devastating for those involved.

To help ensure that these accidents do not occur, there are many safety regulations that truck drivers and truck companies must follow. These include regulations to ensure that the trucks are in good working order and that the drivers are able to keep focus on driving safely. One of the regulations that is focused on ensuring that the truck drivers are driving safely is the strict rules on alcohol consumption.

It is important for any driver to be sober while driving, but it is especially important for truck drivers. Therefore, unlike most drivers who can legally drive if their BAC is below .08, truck drivers must have a BAC of .00 while they are on duty. Truck drivers are also prohibited from using alcohol or be under the influence of alcohol within four hours of being on duty. If the driver has consumed alcohol within the four hours or has any alcohol concentration while on duty, they must be removed from working for a period of 24 hours.

Many truck accidents in Florida leave the victims with devastating injuries that can completely change their lives. So, in order to prevent these accidents, truck drivers cannot have any alcohol while working. However, despite these laws, some truck drivers still consume alcohol and cause accidents. If that occurs, the truck driver and the company may be required to compensate the victims for their injuries, paying for medical bills, lost wages and other damages.

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