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Coping with the aftermath of traumatic brain injury

When people in Florida get in their vehicles to go places, they generally think that they will get to where they are going. They may be anxious about getting to their destination on time, but they generally are not thinking about the fact that they could end up in a car accident. Most people are aware that there is a chance that it could happen, but they do not prepare for it. Unfortunately, car accidents do occur every day and people's lives can be changed dramatically.

People can suffer many different types of injuries in car accidents. Some just involve bruises or scrapes, but other times people may break bones, suffer internal injuries or traumatic brain injuries. In fact, over half of all traumatic brain injuries occur in car accidents. Traumatic brain injuries occur when a person strikes their head on hard objects, such as the windshield. They can also occur simply from the whiplash when the vehicle suddenly stops and the brain is thrust into the skull.

What makes these injuries so devastating is that they can affect people's entire bodies. The brain is responsible for telling the various body parts to do certain things, and if the brain is not functioning properly those body parts may not work appropriately. Also, the person may not be able to reason properly, it can affect their emotions and mood, problem solving and many other aspects of the cognitive abilities of the person.

Many people in Florida suffer traumatic brain injuries each year. These injuries can be life-changing and also very costly. People likely will have extensive medical bills and may be forced to miss work and lose income as well. The victims may be entitled to compensation if another person caused the accident.

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