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March 2018 Archives

Potential compensation in a wrongful death case

Accidents occur every day in Florida. They can occur in a person's home, at a store, at work, while driving a car and in many other types of situations. All types of accidents cause at the very least some sort of inconvenience, but some are much more serious than others. A person's life can be permanently changed due to accidents and, in some cases, people even die.

Car accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries

People need to take responsibility for their actions when they drive motor vehicles, even though driving has become second nature to many people. Even quick lapses in judgment or concentration, much less the egregious risks that some drivers take on the roads, can lead to motor vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, people do not think about the injuries they can cause when they take these risks.

Maritime Law and statute of limitations

The allure of the coast of Florida has everything to do with the Gulf of Mexico. Whether you are on your own boat, a jet ski, or a passenger boat there is nothing like being out on the water. Unfortunately, the Gulf can be dangerous and injuries and even death do happen all the time.

Laws for drinking while boating in Florida

There are many reasons that people go on boats in Florida, but one is to get together with friends to fish or simply just have a good time together. Especially as the weather gets warmer, many people will be out on the water and some will enjoy some alcoholic beverages while they are on the boats. It is important that the drivers of the boats enjoy in moderation though. While boating is different than driving, operating a boat under the influence is still dangerous.

Special protections for children injured on property

As children in Florida grow, they gradually begin to understand and comprehend more and more. However, this is a gradual process and it can take a long time before they fully understand many of the situations they face each day. One of the situations that children tend to not fully understand is the dangers associated with certain activities. That is why parents and other adults are required to watch over children and make decisions for them.

Basics of car insurance in Florida

Due to the high volume of cars on the roads in Florida each day and the problems associated with human error, there are many car accidents each year. Sometimes the accidents are caused by the conditions on the road, but most are due to the fact that one driver became distracted or violated a traffic regulation and was not able to react properly to a particular situation. Unfortunately, these mistakes also cause significant injuries and property damage to the victims of the accident.

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