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February 2018 Archives

Protecting people who are injured at sea

One of the great things about Florida and why people love living in the state, as well as visiting it as tourists, is the proximity to the ocean and Gulf of Mexico. The water provides people with both entertainment and recreational activities, as well as providing large numbers of people with jobs and careers. So, at any given time, there are many people on the water and it is important that they obey the rules and pay attention to what they are doing. When people act negligently they can cause accidents and people are injured as a result.

Who is entitled to compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit?

One of the only guarantees in life is that at some point in time everyone dies. This is not a subject that is easy to talk about and even harder to deal with when loved one's pass away. It can be difficult no matter how the loved one passed. It can be a little bit easier to handle though when the loved one dies at an old age and the family had some time to prepare mentally and emotionally that it was going to happen. However, when the death happens unexpectedly it can be very difficult to handle.

New statistics show increase in drugged driving crashes

There are many reasons that people decide to consume alcohol, but no matter what the reason is, if they become intoxicated it affects their judgment. That is why it is so important that people do not get behind the wheel and drive when they are intoxicated. People generally know this and also know it is illegal, but people still do it on a routine basis. Many people may get away with it and make it home safely, but many others cause car accidents which can have an effect on many different lives.

County officials seek boat speed restrictions in multiple areas

There are many people who enjoy the water around Florida. There are also many people who work on boats or on the docks and other areas around the water. Between the people boating for pleasure and those working on and around the water, there are many people on the water every day. While boating is different than driving a car and there tends to be more space on the water than there are on the roads, boating can still be dangerous when people do not operate their boats correctly.

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