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January 2018 Archives

Cars must yield to pedestrians crossing roads at intersections

The most popular mode of transportation in Florida may be one's own vehicle, but there are many people out walking to their destinations every day. Also, even those who do drive to their destination may still need to walk from where they parked to the place they are actually going. For the most part these pedestrians can walk on the designated sidewalks in order to stay safe from the vehicles on the road. However, people do need to cross roads which means that they must interact with the vehicles on the roads.

A head-on crash leaves one dead and critically injures others

People in Florida can control a number of things while they are driving. They can control their speed, whether they check blind spots and signal lane changes, whether they stop at stop lights and other aspects of their own driving. However, even perfect drivers can still end up in car accidents because they cannot control the actions of others on the road.

Drowsy drivers a greater risk than speeders or red light runners?

Recent data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicate that drivers who receive insufficient sleep cause an average of 824 fatal traffic crashes each year -- about 2.5 percent of all fatal crashes. By comparison, people who run red lights cause about 708 fatalities.

Florida boaters must follow the law in order to prevent accidents

Many people own boats in Florida and like to spend time on the water. It could be for fishing, recreational activities or simply to get out, relax and spend time with friends and family. There are clearly many differences between operating boats on the water and cars on the roads, but there are some similarities and both have laws and regulations that people must follow. If a boater does not follow the rules they can receive a ticket and cause accidents just like motorists who do not obey the traffic laws.

Traumatic brain injury: a long road to recovery

Jyrel Daniel was a 21-year-old that was going places. Looking to follow his father’s footsteps into finance, Jyrel was enrolled into an accelerated MBA program. To help with expenses, he was working as a waiter at a local restaurant. By all accounts, he was a hard-working, bright kid. Now he’s re-learning how to use a fork.

Who is liable for injury from a defective product?

People purchase various products in Florida every day. There are many different products and uses for the products. People expect that if they purchase a product for a particular purpose that the product will work correctly and help them complete certain projects. Unfortunately products do not always work correctly though. Sometimes the product can actually cause significant injuries to the person using it, if they do not work properly.

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