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December 2017 Archives

Holidays bring increase in traffic accidents

Generally the holidays are a festive time in Florida when people get together with friends and family. There are many different types of parties and gatherings that people attend and generally there is alcohol at these parties. This is especially true on New Year's Eve when many more people tend to go out and ring in the new year with alcoholic beverages. It is important that people have designated drivers or a plan on how they will get home because drinking and driving is very dangerous.

Maritime workers' common law rights after work related injury

There are many types of different jobs in Florida and each has some aspects of the job that are unique to it. The physical demands of each type of job also vary. Some types of jobs have more inherent dangers than others. These types of jobs often times require more physical demands or there are more uncertainties that a worker cannot always prepare for in advance. One of these types of jobs is maritime time jobs which require workers to be at sea for lengthy periods of time.

Property owners' liability for injuries depends on who is injured

There are many different types of property owners in Florida. Some just own a single family home, some are store owners, some are farmers, some provide entertainment, some own restaurants and there are many other types of owners. While the purpose of the land varies depending on the owner, one thing is similar though, if someone is injured on the property, they may be liable to compensate the victim through a personal injury lawsuit.

Intoxicated man charged for causing fatal accident

Many people in Florida rely on their cars every day to get where they need to go. Many need to drive to work, to the grocery store, to run errands, visit family and friends and for many other reasons. Due to this fact, there are many vehicles on the roads each day. In many situations people are also driving at fairly high speeds and with all the other vehicles on the road, it does not take much to cause a car accident. A brief lapse in judgment can lead to damage to the other vehicles and serious injuries to those involved.

Special protections for maritime workers in Florida

There is water surrounding almost all of Florida and maritime commerce is a large part of the economy. Many people work on merchant ships, cruise ships, off-shore oil rigs, commercial fishing companies, at the docks, in shipyards and other aspects of maritime commerce. These people, like people who work on land, generally rely on their employment to provide for themselves and their families. If they are unable to work it can be very detrimental for them.

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