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Statistics demonstrate that car accidents are very prevalent

Most people in Florida need to either drive or travel on the roads in Florida every day. They may drive cars or trucks, ride busses, drive tractor-trailers, ride a motorcycle, ride a bicycle or simply walk. This means that the roads can be very crowded. With all the vehicles travelling at high speeds close to each other, it does not take a huge mistake by one driver to cause a motor vehicle accident. These accidents can be very devastating for the victims of the accidents and may change their lives forever.

The statistics also demonstrate that there are hundreds of thousands of accidents in Florida every year, so many people are affected by them. In 2015 there were 347,342 accidents on Florida roads involving 630,550 drivers. This equates to 1,025 accidents every day. Of these accidents, 159,795 crashes involved injuries and 243,316 people were injured in those accidents. 2,699 of these accidents involved a fatality and a total of 2,939 people lost their lives in these accidents.

Any time someone is involved in a motor vehicle accident, it can cause inconveniences for those involved. However, when people are injured or killed, it can clearly cause many more issues. The injuries can be very difficult to recover from and in some cases, the person may never fully recover. If drivers die, the family is left with a huge void in their lives. These accidents can also be very costly for the victims and their families as medical bills add up very quickly and if the person is unable to work, they are also not earning money on top of that.

Many people may have been in an accident on Florida roads. The severity of these accidents can vary, but many are very severe and can change people's lives forever. As stated above, they can also be very costly. However, the victims and their families may be entitled to compensation to pay for all the damages suffered as a result of the accident. Experienced attorneys understand the devastation caused by these accidents and may be a useful resource.

Source: Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, "Traffic Crash Facts" accessed Nov. 22, 2017

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