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Auto accidents among the top TBI causes in the U.S.

A car crash can change your life in a flash. Among the fundamental things that could be affected by such an accident is your brain. Traumatic brain injuries are among the injuries that can come out of motor vehicle collisions. In fact, as statistics cited on the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention illustrate, car crashes are one of the most common causes of TBIs.

Motor vehicle accidents: A top 3 cause of TBIs

The statistics are from 2013. That year, of the hospitalizations, emergency room visits and deaths related to TBIs here in the U.S., 14 percent were the result of traffic accidents. This was the third highest percentage among any TBI cause. The only two causes found to be more common on this front were falls and being struck against or by an object.

Traffic accident TBIs vary greatly in their effects

TBIs coming out of motor vehicle crashes run the gamut from mild to incredibly severe. Even in their mild form, such injuries can have significant effects. Severe TBIs, however, can have impacts on a whole different level. They can forever alter some very fundamental things in a victim’s life and in the lives of his or her family members. A severe TBI can even take a person’s life.

Auto crashes also a common cause of fatal TBIs

The 2013 statistics indicate that motor vehicle crashes are behind a great deal of fatal TBIs. According to these statistics, such accidents were the No. 3 cause of TBI-related deaths that year. Nearly one out of every five such deaths in the U.S. that year was connected to an auto crash. For individuals in the 5-24 age-range, car accidents were behind more TBI-related fatalities than any other single cause.

Coping with the impacts of severe TBIs

You can be dealing with an awful lot if you or a family member has suffered a severe TBI in a car crash. Many things could affect how your efforts to cope with such impacts go. This includes what happens in any legal battles that come up over the issue of compensation.

So, when a TBI sufferer or their family is facing such a battle, what legal help they have related to fighting for their rights and standing up for their future can matter greatly.

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