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October 2017 Archives

Florida boating accident injures 14 victims

Victims of boating accidents have legal remedies to consider when harmed. A major boat accident in Florida recently injured 14 victims. The airboat accident occurred on a lake and resulted in 14 victims being injured and one had to be airlifted to the hospital. Of the 14 injured victims, 2 were in critical condition and 3 others suffered serious injuries in the boat accident. In addition to the victim that required airlifting to the hospital, another 8 victims had to be transported by emergency responders to local hospitals.

Distracted driving is not uncommon in Florida

Unfortunately, observing drivers texting while driving is not uncommon in parts of Florida. Texting while driving and other forms of distracted driving are dangerous for distracted drivers and those they share the roadways with. Authorities note that using a cell phone while driving is the most dangerous form of distracted driving because it removes the driver's hands from the steering wheel and their focus from driving.

Legal protections are available for boat accident victims

Individuals who have been injured by the negligence of another individual in a boating accident have legal protections to consider to help them through the struggles and damages they will likely face following a boating or jet ski accident. Unfortunately, the majority of boat accidents involve boating under the influence of alcohol.

Who is responsible when an injury occurs on a cruise ship?

Question: My elderly mother recently took a cruise to celebrate her 85th birthday. While on the cruise, she slipped on a wet deck and sustained a back injury. She went to the ship’s doctor and he recommended rest. Now she is having problems with severe neck pain and her doctor thinks it is due to the fall on the boat. Do we have a case against the company that owns the ship and if so, how do we file a claim?

Florida car accident victims suffer serious injuries

This blog recently discussed the types of damages that may be available to victims following a car accident. A recent car accident in Florida left one woman in critical condition and 4 others in serious condition. The motor vehicle accident occurred when the 38-year old driver of one of the vehicles involved in the car accident crossed the center line and struck an oncoming vehicle traveling in the other direction. Though both drivers attempted to avoid the collision, they were unable to do so.

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