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What types of damages are available following a car accident?

When victims are injured in a car accident, they may be able to recover a variety of damages to help them with the physical costs, financial costs and emotional costs associated with a car accident. Victims may need help with these costs as a car accident can leave them facing an indefinite future when they are unable to work because of the injuries or disability suffered in the car accident but are also facing mounting medical bills and the stress associated with both.

Car accident damages generally include medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages. Car accident injuries can range from broken bones to disabling injuries such a paralysis. Car accident injuries can also worsen over a period of time following the car accident so it is important for victims to receive a thorough medical exam following a car accident. In addition, soft tissue injuries may be significant and difficult to treat.

Car accident injuries can give rise to medical care, treatment and costs including physical therapy, cognitive therapy, ambulance fees, disfigurement, permanent disability, in-home services, consultations with health care professionals and medical accessories. Victims may suffer medical costs as well as future medical care and treatment costs. Victims may also lose earning capacity and suffer lost wages as a result of the injuries suffered in a car accident. Finally, victims may suffer emotional damages as they journey through the recovery process. Additional damages may be available based on the circumstances.

Fortunately, personal injury legal options are available to help victims of car accident recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages. It is important for victims of car accidents to understand that they can receive help with the damages they have suffered.

Source:, "What Kinds of Damages May I Claim for Car Accident Injuries?" Accessed Sept. 28, 2017

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