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Why car crash settlements are more in other states.

Why Settlement Values for Car Accidents may be more in other States.

There is one word that controls how injury cases are handled state by state - insurance.  The one thing that the average consumer does not understand, is the difference in car insurance per state.  You see, each state governs how car insurance is sold and packaged.  Some states have extremely low insurance requirements - like the state of Florida.  Some states require consumers to purchase separate coverage, such as a med pay benefit.  Some states allow the insurance companies to abuse or rip-off the average consumer.  

Here is an example:

The State of Florida does not require a purchaser of insurance to buy bodily injury insurance.  Normal car insurance is divided into two types of coverage, property damage and bodily injury.  Property damage covers individuals you hit in an accident.  You can purchase comprehension property damage, which covers both the person you hit and your own vehicle.  But, you are not required to purchase bodily injury insurance, which would cover people who are injured in car accidents.  So, someone can plow into your car, run a red light or some other knucklehead driving, and injure you; but not have the insurance coverage to pay for your injuries.  It is horrible, but it happens all the time.

Other states, like Alabama, require bodily injury coverage.  Alabama actually requires $25,000 up to $50,000 for the total injuries someone causes in a wreck.  

Let's talk big picture.  So, in Florida, you can be injured in a car accident and have no money to claim, because the person who hit you does not have insurance.  That bad person can be legally driving without insurance.  But, in Alabama, if you are hit, there is insurance to cover you.  That makes on average the settlement value of car accidents higher in Alabama than Florida.  

Crazy but you are safer in Alabama than Florida. 

In our State, you are required to purchase at least $10,000 of PIP coverage and at least $10,000 of property damage coverage.  Now, PIP coverage will be explained later on - but to say the least it causes insurance to cost a lot in the State of Florida, with little benefit.  PIP coverage will be the topic of future blogs.

If you want to know what type and amount of insurance to purchase, please contact my office or email me at [email protected]  Or you can visit 

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