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5 Most Important things to do after a Car Crash

The 5 most important things to do after a car accident. 


Because I have represented so many car crash victims, I have seen how a few bad decisions after an accident can cause unnecessary grief and pain.  I don't believe every accident should result in a legal matter, but if someone is seriously hurt, they deserve everything they can get.

So now I want everyone to know the five most important things to do after a crash.


1.  Breathe.  After a crash or a near crash the body produces a hormonal cascade or a rush of adrenaline that relates back to our primal days known as the fight or flight response.  This rush causes the body and mind to only function in a limited capacity.  First, the body may not feel the pain or discomfort caused by the accident.  This may cause people to not immediately seek medical attention, which is always a must.  Second, the mind starts racing causing many to fail to perceive or remember their surroundings.  The failure to remember and understand the causes and circumstances of an accident can negatively impact your future claim.

2.  Assess your health and the other driver's wellbeing. Take all the time you need to stop your heart from racing and mind from running away on you.  Try to think about what you are feeling.  If you have any discomfort or pain, report it.  If you can move without pain, and only if there is no pain, try to check on the wellbeing of the driver.  Because your adrenaline is rushing, you may believe that you can walk just fine; however, wait until that feeling leaves you.  You don't want to aggravate your injuries. 

3.  Call the Police. Everyone nowadays have cell phones at all times.  Because of this immediately call the police.  Call before you exchange information.  Believe or not, some people don't want the police involved and may leave the scene.  So once you have assessed your injuries, call the police.  The sooner you call the better.  Some traffic crashes can become very heated and blame can be tossed around, so if you feel unsafe - stay in your car until the police arrive. 

4. Request Medical Attention.   Remember when I said that if you feel any discomfort you need medical attention, well take it seriously.  There are all kinds of health problems that a standard fender bend can cause.  A lot of them are very serious, like traumatic brain injuries.  The faster you can get medical attention the better.  Even if your back or neck just aches a little bit, have someone check it out.  Better to be safe and sure, than to have permanent injury for the rest of your life.

5.  Record what you can.  If you can, and only if you can, record the scene.  Use that cell phone that we all have in our pocket to take pictures of your car and the other vehicle.  Try to write down names of witnesses and offices that you speak with.  Do your best to record any tire marks, debris, or physical items that came from the accident.  If an airbag was used in your car, take a picture of it.


If you are injured in an auto accident, call an experienced accident attorney as soon as you can to discuss what medical treatment you entitled to and what steps you need to take. 

If you want a free consultation after an auto accident, call my office at 850 432-7726.  Remember when you call my office you get me on the phone.


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