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If you are seeking a Pensacola attorney to represent you or a family member in bringing a wrongful death claim against a reckless corporation or driver, you need an attorney who is experienced in both in probate cases and wrongful death cases - let me tell you why. 

I have been fortunate enough to have families of wrongfully killed put their trust in my office in prosecuting their claim.  The overall difference in prosecuting a wrongful death claim on behalf of heirs of the victim is that there are two cases happening at the same time.  First, the heirs and loved ones of the deceased have a right to bring a claim against the liable defendant through Florida Wrongful Death Act, Fl. Stat.  768.16-768.26, for damages they have suffered in the tragetic lost of their loved one.  That is exactly what the legislature set-up in the Wrongful Death Act.  Before this legislation, the heirs of the wrongfully deceased had no way of seeking a claim for their lose in court.  

But, before the heirs can even seek a recovery in court, an estate needs to be established with the right personal representative named.  This is why wrongful death cases are different.  You have two cases happening at the same time, a probate case and the wronful death tort claim.  To be effective as a wrongful death attorney, you must understand and have experience in both areas of law.  The family of the deceased will must certainly have questions concerning both the probate of the deceased's estate and their wrongful death.  You need to be well versed in both.

That is why I say, a wrongful death attorney needs to know how to two-step.  

If you believe that a friend or a family member has passed away because of someone else's wrongdoing, please contact my office for a free consultation at (850) 432-7726.  Or visit and send us an email through our website. 

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