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Product Liability

When you purchase a product, buy a new car or use a machine at work, you expect that if you use the product according to its intended use, you will not be harmed. This is a reasonable expectation. After all, before a product gets into your hands or into your home, it has undergone quality checks, been tested by consumer panels and been put through several other processes to ensure its safety.

When a product causes injury or death, consumers are left to wonder how the product was ever allowed to be sold in the first place. In Pensacola, there is a personal injury attorney who is dedicated to helping consumers who have been injured by dangerous products: Chris Crawford. Do not wait to call our lawyer today at 850-483-1190 and learn how he can assist you.

Who Is Responsible For The Product Defect?

Our law firm knows that a serious injury can put a stop to your life. You are missing time from work, unable to pay your bills and accumulating expensive medical bills. We can carefully and thoroughly investigate your claim to determine who or what is responsible for your injuries. In product liability claims, we find that it is typically one or a combination of the following parties that is responsible:

  • Product designer
  • Product manufacturer
  • Product assembler
  • Product installer
  • Product developer
  • Wholesaler
  • Retailer

There are virtually limitless types of products — from household and kitchen appliances to children's products and toys to heavy machinery that you use at work. When a design, manufacturing or marketing defect exists, consumers can be seriously injured or killed. Our law firm stands ready to take on these challenging cases and secure maximum compensation for our injured clients.

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