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Distracted Driving

Cellphones, laptops, food, screaming children, barking dogs, colorful billboards, GPS, TV screens and even shiny objects. There is no shortage of potential distractions when you get behind the wheel. While some of these are beyond a driver's control, most of them are not. There is no excuse for placing the well-being of other drivers and pedestrians at risk in order to engage in distracting behavior such as texting or sending emails.

At the Law Office of Chris Crawford, we dedicate our personal injury practice to getting justice for the victims of distracted driving accidents in Pensacola, Florida, and all surrounding areas. If you have been hurt, you can rely on us for aggressive representation focused on maximizing compensation for your medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

On a side note, distracted driving is not taken nearly serious enough under Florida law. Did you know that citations can only be issued as a "companion ticket"? This means that if someone is pulled over for an offense such as speeding, he or she can also be given a ticket for distracted driving. If driving while distracted can cause injury and death at similar levels to DUI, shouldn't the penalties be just as severe? The Law Office of Chris Crawford strives to give you justice even if the Florida legislature won't.

A Quick Settlement Is Not Good Enough

Chris Crawford is an attorney who is not interested in taking a quick settlement in order to keep the cases churning in and out of our office. He wants to maximize compensation for the victims of negligence in our part of Florida. As a result, we will go to trial in order to make sure you get the compensation you need now and in the future. A lifelong injury deserves lifelong compensation, and we'll fight to make sure you get it.

Hurt By A Distracted Driver? Better Call Chris!

Chris Crawford is the Pensacola lawyer you need after a distracted driving accident. Contact us today for a free consultation.