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Personal Injury

Personal injury law is somewhat of a gentleman's game. The lawyers on both sides all know each other from previous cases, and most cases end in a settlement that both sides can sign off on.

Pensacola Accident Attorney

Now imagine what happens when a bright, trial-oriented lawyer like Chris Crawford enters the game. As in criminal law, Chris wants to go to trial. Insurance companies don't like to go before juries. Suddenly the settlement game doesn't work anymore.

Aggressive Florida Trial Lawyer Seeking Compensation For Your Losses

The Law Office of Chris Crawford represents injured individuals and surviving family members in most personal injury cases: motor vehicle accidents, premises liability cases (slip-and-falls), defective product cases, cases of nursing home abuse, injuries sustained while boating and on the water and other results of negligence.

The bottom line of personal injury is that you are entitled to compensation when another party harms you because of carelessness or negligence. We know how important this compensation is to you, and we will do everything we can to bring you a maximum recovery.

Car Crashes · Slip-And-Falls · Wrongful Death Cases

Injured in an accident? Call Pensacola personal injury lawyer Chris Crawford at 850-432-7726 or write him using this online form. Better call Chris!

Not Florida Board Certified... Yet

Some attorneys brag about being board certified, and they should. It's a remarkable achievement to master the length and breadth of a broad area of practice. Chris Crawford is NOT board certified, because you have to be in private practice for five years to qualify. But he is almost there, and his abilities and his love of the law should lead to board certification in both criminal defense and personal injury law — count on it!