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DUI Defense

No one ever sets out to get a DUI, and many people convicted of DUI never actually harmed anyone. The punishments for DUI/DWI conviction do not match the crime.

From steep fees to revocation of driving privileges to jail time, the punishments are severe. To get an experienced and dedicated defense attorney on your side right now, you better call Chris Crawford at 850-483-1190.

The steep punishments put in place by legislators are not really for what you did (drive drunk), but for what you could have done (kill someone). We have made noncriminal behavior into a crime.

If we want to punish people who kill people, we should charge them with murder. It would still be a powerful deterrent, and it would be more honest. But the revenue and the political points scored by maintaining the predatory current system make that unlikely.

Pensacola DWI Arrest Lawyer

Having said all this, the Law Office of Chris Crawford has enjoyed good success in minimizing the pain of DUI/DWI for clients. We defend people charged with first-time DUI, multiple-offense DUI, DUI-manslaughter, DUI with a minor, underage DUI, felony DUI, Breathalyzer refusal and other serious traffic offenses, including reckless driving, vehicular homicide and speeding.

Florida Drunk Driving Accident Defense

We also get involved in cases at the administrative level, working with clients to get suspended or revoked licenses reinstated and to prevent the installation of ignition interlock devices.

In all these charges, there is still a powerful advantage for individuals to choose trial by jury, and that plays to our strong suit at the Law Office of Chris Crawford. Your best chances are in putting your case in the hands of neutral decision-makers. Knowing that you want to go to trial is the best way to coax a deal from an uneasy state's attorney.

Pulled over on suspicion of DUI? Hire Pensacola DUI defense lawyer Chris Crawford at 850-483-1190 or describe your situation using this e-form. Better call Chris today!