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Criminal Law

Lawyers don't usually guarantee their work, but here's an exception: Chris Crawford's No-Plea GuaranteeTM:

Our lawyer will not plead you out for his own convenience. If the prosecutor makes an offer, we are ethically obliged to communicate that offer to you, and you have the right to accept it if you wish. But we will never insist that you take it. We are always ready to go all the way for you.

That's our No-Plea Guarantee. It means that we don't sell our clients out, the way some lawyers do. You are always free to accept the plea offer, but it won't be because we talked you into it.

Pensacola Defense Attorney · You Deserve The Best

There are no criminal charges we decline to represent. For one thing, we know that accusations aren't always true. For another, we believe that everyone is entitled to the best representation they can find. That's part of what our freedoms are about.

We have defended people charged with:

Assault Charges

All crimes of violence, including murder, manslaughter, sexual assault, domestic violence

Sexual Offenses

Prostitution and solicitation, rape, statutory rape, date rape, lewd behavior, child pornography

Property Crimes

Theft, robbery, burglary, fraud, carjacking, breaking and entering

Federal Crimes

Bank, mortgage, Medicare and tax fraud; racketeering, conspiracy, drug trafficking; child pornography

White Collar Crimes

Embezzlement, identity theft, credit card fraud, immigration fraud

Weapons Crimes

Illegal weapon possession, concealed weapon, armed robbery


First offense, multiple offense, felony DUI, DUI with minor, DUI-manslaughter

Drug Crimes

Marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, LSD, Ecstasy, illegal prescription drugs

Are You Afraid Of Going To Trial?

Of course you are - no one wants that! But trial by jury is often the best way to walk away free and clear from a criminal charge. You get to face your accusers and take their case apart. You can actually win.

But to succeed with this approach you need a terrific Florida lawyer. Chris Crawford is a natural: fearless, persuasive and smart. He has won for hundreds of clients before and he has the tools to win for you.

Have you been charged with a serious crime? You need Pensacola criminal law attorney Chris Crawford at 850-432-7726. Better call Chris!