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At our Pensacola, Florida, law firm, you will find an attorney who has dedicated his practice to putting his trial skills on the side of those who need it most. Whether you face criminal charges or have been injured, you can rely on Chris to be a strong advocate for your rights and put your interests above all else.

Experience That Can Be Judged By Trials Rather Than Years

When attorney Chris Crawford began his legal career, it was in the public sector. He was fortunate enough to draw many major criminal cases on which he proved what he suspected about himself — that he had a powerful gift for presentation and persuasion, coupled with a solid grasp of the law and the facts of each case. Many of these early cases were capital cases involving possible death sentences or life in prison. Chris can't say for sure, but he believes trying 10 capital or punishable-by-life cases in 13 weeks may constitute a record in Florida!

In the years since opening his own practice, Chris has distinguished himself in the Pensacola area as a smart, aggressive lawyer who will take any criminal or personal injury case. Our firm believes in taking cases to jury trial, not pleading them down or accepting a settlement at the first opportunity.

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Defying Lawyer Stereotypes

The stereotype is that lawyers will do anything for money, and that is true of lawyers who will accept inferior settlements in order to make a quick buck. We like money, too, but we like taking on the system to achieve results for our clients even more. Our skilled lawyer, Chris Crawford, approaches every case like it is going to trial and will go the distance to make sure you receive a favorable outcome.

Chris may already be familiar to you if you have spent any time in a tavern or bar restroom in Pensacola. We were one of the first law firms in the area to use restroom wall advertising to attract clients. You never know where a good idea will come from!

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