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When attorney Chris Crawford began his legal career, it was in the public sector. He was fortunate enough to draw many major criminal cases on which he proved what he suspected about himself — that he had a powerful gift for presentation and persuasion, coupled with a solid grasp of the law and the facts of each case. Many of these early cases were capital cases involving possible death sentences or life in prison. Chris can't say for sure, but he believes trying 10 capital or punishable by life cases in 13 weeks may constitute a record in Florida!

In the years since opening his own practice, Chris Crawford has distinguished himself in the Pensacola area as a smart, aggressive lawyer who will take any criminal case, state or federal. Defending clients charged with drug, sex, theft, violent crime and other offenses, Chris Crawford believes in taking cases to jury trial, not pleading them down at the first opportunity.

If you are looking for that kind of Florida attorney, one who will fight for you every inch of the way — better call Chris!

When you need a lawyer who will actually defend you, call Pensacola criminal defense lawyer Chris Crawford at 850-483-1190.


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